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Welcome to our 25th year as Brissette Architects, Inc!

Ron Brissette founded the company in 1994. After completing a degree in English Literature from the University of Connecticut and working two years in the professional theater he entered the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture as a student in 1978. He joined the staff of Taliesin Associated Architects from 1982 through 1984. The next 10 years were spent working with dynamic Phoenix area firms engaged in commercial and residential design.​

Jeff Kamtz joined the firm as a partner in 1995 coming from an extensive architectural and construction background. He attended the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and the University of Wisconsin for engineering. He has worked for firms in Colorado, Wisconsin, Hawaii, and Arizona.

The practice has won numerous national and regional design awards. Project types include a variety of hospitality, recreational, and office. Of a particular focus to the firm is the design of fine custom homes.

Our purpose is to provide design excellence via a superior standard of service to our clients. We wish to make every project a meaningful contribution to the built environment. Design is approached as a holistic process; a methodology by which we seek balance between practical objectives, resources, and artful composition. Quality development must harmonize with the natural elements around it as well as reflect the culture, values, and fabric of the community of which it is part. Individual expression within this context defines our practice.

We are committed to applying the principles of organic architecture advanced by Frank Lloyd Wright into today’s changing world. Using this as a foundation, and evolving these principles forward into our own expression, we may effectively respond to the unique needs of each project. We listen to our Clients and give them choices. We invite them to a creative process framed by discipline and professionalism producing tangible results. The success of this effort is measured by the satisfaction of our clients and the values of the properties created.

We consist of full-time professionals who bring an array of design, technical, and managerial skills to the table. We have well-equipped studio space centrally located in the Scottsdale area. We have enjoyed stability and steady growth since inception and pride ourselves on a history of satisfied clients. After some 45 collective years of regional and national practice we have created a broad-based network of industry and professional associations.

We are committed to providing unique and successful architecture reflecting the values mutually set forth with our clients. Let us share in this pursuit to make it both an enjoyable and rewarding process.

A Look Back in Time...

As aforementioned, Jeff and Ron are both #taliesintrained and recently, with the help of our Marketing Director Meara, we were able to find and convert slides of many fond memories from our days at Taliesin. Enjoy!

The Team

Ron Brissette

Founder & CEO - Still hand-drawing Lead Architect. Ain't nobody fooling this guy - he once got the Earth, Wind, and Fire band to climb into his van. Click his name above to see a video of Ron and his client discussing their home design process in Sincuidados!

Jeff Kamtz

Co-Founder and Partner - CAD expert, detail-obsessed Lead Architect. Rock and roll is his jam. Keto eating golf player. Dog lover extraordinaire. Follow @jeffyboy713

Ashley Roadifer

Project Manager - Fastest red-liner around. Moonlights as a wannabe dentist. Sweetest voice and a heart of gold. Is a sand between the toes sort of gal. Her work wife is Meara. Follow @aroadifer

Meara Perrin

Marketing Director - 100 miles an hour in a 100 different directions, making real connections. Loves cinnamon candy. Not a fan of the Beatles. She starts trouble with her work wife Ashley. Follow @4mearaperrin

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Hop on over to our social media pages to see us at events, on the job, and in the community. Or simply reach out! We love pop-ins at our office (especially Thursdays), and love lunch dates too. Ernies at the end of the plaza is a real conversation starter.

Philanthropy: What
Matters to Us

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At Brissette Architects, Inc. We believe in giving back with intention. Contact us to discuss a partnership in your philanthropic needs.